Ma’abela Phase 8 residents complain about lack of facilities

Muscat - 

Residents in the suburbs of Muscat governorate are facing a lot of challenges due to lack of basic infrastructure. 

This, probably as authorities are finding it tough to keep up with the infrastructure needs of a rapidly expanding population of Muscat, a city whose limits exceed 70km. From improving the quality of roads to installation of street lights and garbage bins, problems are many, said residents of Ma’abela Phase 8.

“I’ve been following up on these issues since 2012. Installing street lights and improving roads are some concern areas. More police patrolling is also the need of the hour. There have been cases of robberies when residents have been away for extended periods,” said Hamood al Naddabi. He added, “Water connections are available, but only for a few. It is strange, as we all are in the same governorate. I urge authorities to solve these problems at the earliest.”


Another amenity lacking till some time ago, was broadband connection. An irate resident said, “There was no broadband Internet in some places till some time ago and residents had to rely on dongles to stay connected. Our service provider has just solved this problem. All concerned parties are working on improving services, but I wish things were done faster. Also packs of stray dogs roam the area. Our area lacks paved roads and enough garbage bins too.”

Ali al Jabri, another resident said, “Wild dogs roam the area which is a serious safety concern. Garbage collection is done every two days which leaves the area stinking. We need more bins as well.” The area isn’t connected to the piped water network, added Jabri.

“We get water through tankers which turn out to be quite expensive. Lack of paved roads causes traffic jams during peak hours.” Speaking on the issue, a senior Muscat Municipality official urged citizens and residents to play their part with regards to waste management.

“There are two kinds of waste, household waste, which is collected every day, and construction waste, or green waste, which is collected subject to the availability of trucks. We currently have 4,850 garbage bins in Seeb, and household waste collection is no issue. The problem is 75 per cent of waste is construction and green waste. I urge citizens and residents to demand contractors to dispose of waste in municipality yards, instead of dumping it haphazardly. Muscat is a vast, spread-out city with a rapidly growing population. The challenges posed by these factors are met head-on by Muscat Municipality. We urge people to help keep Muscat clean by responsibly disposing of waste.”

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