Lulu launches apple fest with 25 tasty varieties

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In its constant endeavor to bring customers the freshest in green produce, Lulu Hypermarkets has flagged off an apple fest at all of its outlets. The extravaganza showcases a variety of apples from all over the world across different price ranges. There are over 25 varieties of apples from all over the world.

The fruit has been flown in from literally all corners of the globe to give shoppers a taste of its rich and diverse variety under one roof. Apples have been flown in from countries such as France, Germany, the US, Iran, Italy, Chile, China, India and Lebanon, transforming the apple fest into a veritable feast for the soul and the senses. Customers can take their pick from varieties that include Red Delicious, Golden apples, Royal Gala, Granny Smiths, Fuji apples, dainty Pink Lady apples, ambrosia, Ariance, the Kashmir Dixon apple, Macintoshes, Jona Golds and so much more that lie in copious mounds at Lulu’s produce department.

Just entering into the super store’s fruit and vegetable section will feel like stepping into an orchard, except Lulu’s apple fest does all the hard work of reaping the finest from the harvest, leaving customers with just one option – to indulge in the bounty flooding its shelves. By securing the freshest, seasonal produce from the globe for the Apple Fest, Lulu also brings customers a small, albeit distinct taste of the world from the juicy succulence of an apple.

For each variety tells its own story of the country whose specialty it is. Pick one, pick all – customers are sure to be quandary with the mindboggling variety of apples before their eyes. The Granny Smiths, commonly known as green apples, are diet friendly as they are a pie’s best friend – providing crunch and tartness in salads and leaning towards mellow succulence in baked goods. And everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous Red Delicious that are just… delicious. The Royal Gala, Fuji and Golden apples are just as versatile.

They lie cheek-tocheek with other varieties that call out temptingly to customers. Lulu hypermarket’s commitment to quality and seasonality of the produce it showcases vouches for the fruit’s freshness. This, emphasise Lulu officials, is a good example of the super chain’s efficient and speedy logistics system. For, Lulu’s standout feature of housing the most fresh fruits and vegetables rests on its able-bodied logistics department that enables prompt and swift deliveries daily.

So whether your produce comes from the US or Egypt or France it tastes as good as it would if it came fresh from the farm. Customers can not only revel in the variety of apples on offer during the mela, but also participate in fun activities associated with it. Among these are fruit and vegetable carving and other exciting exercises.

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