Local supply pushes down prices of greens in wholesale market

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Prices of vegetables have fallen with increased supply of local produce at the Mawaleh Central Market since November. The rates are expected to fall further as the harvesting season continues for another couple of months.

“Two months ago a 10kg bag of white pumpkins was sold for RO4.5; it now costs RO1. Tomatoes, which cost RO2 for 10kg are being sold for 800bz,” Dharmesh J, a senior sales supervisor of Coastal Green Agriculture,  a wholesale firm, said. 

Capsicum prices have seen a steep fall. Earlier sold at RO6 per 10kg bag, they are now RO1.8 for the same quantity. Cabbage is being sold at 800bz for 10kg while green chillies cost RO2.5 for 10kg,” Dharmesh said.

Further reduction in prices is expected as the local harvesting season lasts till March. P Nishaj, a wholesaler at the Mawaleh market said, “The prices will fall some more by January and may fluctuate till March, depending on availability of vegetables.” Not all greens have become cheaper though. Cucumber still costs the same as earlier - RO4 per 10kg – as dealers are still depending on imports from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Prices of fruits, however, remain the same despite good supply from local farms.

Prices of local bananas have remained RO1.5 per 10kg as before. “Demands for fresh fruits is always higher than vegetables. Despite good production on local farms, wholesalers do not prefer storing fruits in bulk as this helps them create a demand,” said Muhammed Mansoor, a fruit wholesaler dealer.

On the use of chemicals to increase the shelf life of greens, Mohammed Ayasan, an employee of Coastal Green Agriculture said, “Each region has its own association with which we coordinate on the stipulated use of such chemicals. Our company sources vegetables mainly from the

Batinah governorate and we coordinate with officials of the Al Batinah Agriculture Association.”

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