Italy, Turkey, Iran, UAE and Malaysia among participants at IDF Oman

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More than 100 companies from around the world are showcasing their products at IDF Oman - Interior Design, Décor and Furniture Exhibition. The four-day event is taking place at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. Organised by Al Nimr Expo, it is being held under the patronage of the Ministry of Housing and Public Authority for Craft Industries.

Aimed to display the latest in technology, usage of materials and innovative approaches to interior design, décor and furniture, the event has participants from countries including Italy, Turkey, Iran, UAE and Malaysia. Sabrina Yousef, deputy general manager, Abu Yasseen Designs, an art design company which has been in Oman for over 25 years, said, “We specialise in art designs as well as consultancy for hotels, offices and houses. The company was started by our chairman Mohammad Mustafa more than two decades ago with the vision to have Omani traditional art for home designs and décor.”

She added, “This is also to showcase the talent and pride of our country to the people, so that they feel proud of our heritage and history. We specialise in interior design, antique, 3D design etc. We have a group of ten in-house artists from Oman, Egypt, India, the Philippines and the US.” Another eye-catching stall is that of CRAFTSINDO which specialises in 3D carving craft. The company carves out minute details on old trees and uses them as furniture design or decorative materials on walls.

Hailing from Indonesia, CRAFTSINDO displays an eight-seater dining table which has carvings of hundreds of leaves on wood. Also on display is a replica of the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking about the event, Divia Widodo, Oman and UAE representative of CRAFTSINDO said, “We make home furniture using old teak trees; they have to be over 20 years old. It takes almost three to five months to carve out a piece of work. These pieces are exclusive like rare pieces of painting.” She added that on an average it takes two to four artists to design a piece of art. “This is our first visit to the exhibition and we are pleasantly surprised with the response from the people. We’ve already got a few orders.” Hamid Nasser, a carpet designer from Iran said, “Oman is a great market as it has good relationship with our country.”

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