International dance festival to be held on January 17

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An international dance festival will be held at the Qurum Amphitheatre on January 17, 2013. Called 'Khafeef International Dance Festival’, the event will see the participation of dancers from 12 countries including Oman.

Talent Hunters Oman, the organisers, claim the dance festival will be the biggest show of its kind in the country and will feature 22 types of dance forms including salsa, bachata, tango, lombarda, zumba, contemporary dance, classical ballet, modern ballet, tango gymnastic, chelston, oriental, free style, hip-hop, skate dance, African jungle dance, fusion dances, Sri Lankan cultural dance,  Bollywood cinematic dances and classical based fusion dances. The performances will take place in the solo, duet and group categories.

Talent Hunters Oman has organised events like 'Muscat Idol' and 'Dance Muscat Dance' earlier. Dr Sanjay Dalal, founder of Talent Hunters Oman, said, “It will be the biggest and most popular dance show as no single event has experimented with so many cultures and nationalities on one stage. Out of the 12 teams in the group category, three will be from Oman.

“There will be approximately 30 performances in all three categories and close to two and a half hours of live entertainment. Altogether 120 dancers will take part in the event, which will definitely be bigger and better than 'Dance Muscat Dance 2009'. It's wonderful to see that there is so much talent in this country that needs to be promoted.”

The festival will also have SMS voting so that the audience can vote for the most popular performance in different categories. The lines for SMS voting will be open for almost 48 hours. Charity proceeds from the event will go to Al Noor Association for the Blind.

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