ISD hosts iftar get-together

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Indian School Darsait (ISD) organised an iftar get-together at the senior school auditorium to mark the essence of the holy month of Ramadan - a time of reflection and devotion to God.

The president, Ajayan Poyyara who took the initiative of bringing together communities, displayed the ‘Spirit of Oneness’ which is the ‘essence of Ramadan’. The get–together  witnessed the coming together of different cultures and traditions to celebrate unity in diversity and to strengthen the spiritual bonding thereby honouring the values of peace, charity and forgiveness.

The occasion was graced by Muradh, Member of Majlis A'Shura; Salim Mohammad al Ghamary, Municipal Council member, Muttrah; Wilson V George, chairman BoD; C M Najeeb, vice chairman, BoD; Dr C K Anchan and Baby Sam Samuel, directors, BoD; Mathew Abraham, educational advisor to the Board of Directors; Dr Alex C Joseph, assistant educational advisor; P M Jabir, secretary Community Welfare ISC, Muscat and member of NORKA, Kerala,  Ratheesan, convener, ISC Kerala Wing; Thomas George, convener, SMC, ISD other distinguished members of SMC, former president and members of SMC administrators Also present were Omani staff of the school along with their families, ISD teaching and non-teaching staff and the members of the local community.

The purpose of the gathering was to send across the message of brotherhood, sincerity, endurance, and gratefulness for every tiny blessing during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dr Sridevi P Thashnath, principal extended a cordial welcome to the august gathering and thanked them profusely for their presence. ‘The Fathiha’ recited by one of the Arabic teachers, Shamsudheen A P, marked an auspicious beginning to the evening and sanctified the ambience.

The goodies carefully chosen to suit the taste buds during the fasting month included a spectrum of traditional delicacies. Around 200 people attended the get-together and enjoyed the sumptuous dinner. An elaborate arrangement for the prayers was made separately for the ladies and gentlemen at the school itself.

The president, SMC and the principal thanked the attendees from the core of their hearts for keeping up the spirit of fasting and the iftar get-together.

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