ISC charity event for blue-collar workers

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The Charity Wing of Indian Social Club (ISC) will hold the 'Food N Fun Festival' on December 14 at the India School Ghubra premises.

The proceeds from the festival will go towards buying medicines for low income blue-collar expatriate workers.

Those wanting to set up stalls at the festival can e-mail to, said Puhkin Agha, convener of ISC’s Urdu Wing.

The fee for setting up a stall is RO25. Money from stall fees and part of the profit each stall makes will go towards the charity.

Agha said, “This is the first such event organised by us. We want to showcase the diversity of India's cuisines and, at the same time, help low-paid labourers who cannot afford medicines.”

Besides food, handicrafts and clothes will also be on sale, and a competition for the best stall, in terms of display and quality of items on sale, will be held.

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