Genesis International to set up education centre in Muscat

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Genesis International LLC has tied up with SITAM based in Chennai, India, for helping students take informed decisions on which university to attend in India. Genesis Higher Education Services will ensure better educational facilities for students. 

“Unauthorised agents often work on commissions and sell admissions in institutions of ill repute and low recognition, thus leaving students at a precarious situation,” said Qais al Khonji, CEO, Genesis International. He said that unscrupulous agents make the choice of an

Indian university a tough decision for many students. “So we thought of this centre that will make education in India simpler for students in Oman.”

According to Khonji, the centre will serve as an official and authorised counsellor for admissions to universities and colleges in India. He said that Indian universities enjoy a high credibility rating, thus making the country  a preferred destination for students from all over the world, including Oman. “Oman and other parts of the Middle East contribute highly to the ever growing number of foreign students in India every year,” he said.

“The counsellors at the centre will be having complete knowledge about the courses available, the colleges' infrastructure and accreditations, as well as every other information that a student will need to make an informed decision,” Khonji told Muscat Daily.

Further, he pointed out that the counsellors will not be employed on a commission basis. “In other words, they are not under duress to meet any targets and thus are not forced to sell admissions. The centre will work as a student-oriented service.”


Education fairs are a good way for students to meet with university representatives, but this, according to Khonji, is a short-term solution for a long-term problem as a quick talk for a few minutes is not enough for a student and parents to come to a decision. “We think this tie-up will help students in a great way,” he said.

“The centre will also serve as a link between the college and parents,” he said. Students will also be able to chat online with university officials from the centre and get their queries answered. “We will be presenting Indian, Canadian and UK universities in Oman, and students will get accepted to the courses they apply for through our office, Genesis Higher Education Services.”

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