Future agricultural strategies to depend on census data in Oman

Muscat - 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) is using the latest techniques and hand-held devices for collecting data for the Agricultural Census 2012-13. The ministry will develop future strategies and programmes based on findings of this census.

The collection of data began in December 2012 and will conclude in April. Once complete, the ministry plans to disseminate the information to concerned departments and regional admi-nistrative units for policy formulation.

The census also strives to overcome the imbalances and drawbacks of current strategies and find solutions to the problems faced by farmers, a senior official in MoAF's planning department told Muscat Daily.

The census will focus on infrastructural components concerning agriculture and livestock, and on developing strategies for advancements in date palm cultivation. Immunisation of animals and control of pests will also be given importance. Besides these, the census will focus on diseases affecting mango and lemon trees, the official told Muscat Daily.

He added that the issuance of identity cards, agricultural statements, certificates and documentation services to farmers and livestock breeders will also be based on the census.

The number of agricultural holdings and their type, location, geographic specification, ownership pattern, demographic specification, crops cultivated, water sources, animal population, labour force, as well as equipment and buildings will all come under the purview of the census.

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