Experts say public-private partnership can improve skills of Omani workforce

Muscat - 

Industry experts have sought an effective partnership between the public and private sectors to devise training programmes for Omani workforce so as to cater to the current and future market needs.

Participating in a one-day seminar titled 'Uplifting local workforce skills' organised by   the Public Establishment for the Industrial Estates (PEIE) on Tuesday, they suggested setting up legislative and regulatory framework as part of Vision 2020 to develop manpower -   consistent with Omanisation strategies.

Addressing a session, Mohammed Masoud al Kharusi, director, corporate operations at MB Holding Company, said, “I think the key is to upgrade local workforce's skills to keep pace with the times. Organisations need to have well-directed human resources departments and trainers who understand the principles of developing human resources, and here the public and private sectors should collaborate to achieve the desired goals.”

Abdulmajeed al Balushi, project leader, HR Capability Development, Oman Oil Company, said that improving skills of the local workforce necessitates shared responsibility between the public and private sectors. “Organisations should play a major role to mitigate the risk of having an unaligned set of skills between employees.”

Increasing the productivity and competence of Omani manpower is the key issue today, according to Hilal bin Hamad al Ahsani, CEO, PEIE. “We have undertaken several efforts to develop and enhance human resources in the industry. We are currently conducting a study on how to enhance the manpower and apparently there are several challenges that have to be tackled in this area.”

PEIE is said to have initiated a set of programmes in various areas to boost skills and capabilities of human resources.

Andrew Card, general manager of EMIC Training in Bahrain, said, “There is a need to link college education with the requirements of the job market.”

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