Commercial entities prohibited from discharging oil, grease into wastewater networks: Haya Water

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Oman Wastewater Services Company (Haya Water) has called on commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels and car wash garages to install oil or grease water separators. In a public notice, the company stated that its wastewater networks are designed to receive domestic wastewater only.

“Therefore, it is prohibited to discharge other substances into the wastewater networks such as oil, grease and chemicals unless it is first treated,” it said. The authority has asked all establishments to carry out the installation in the next two months. “All establishments should adhere to the regulations that control the disposal of such substances and avoid discharging them through Haya’s wastewater networks to avoid causing any possible damage to the networks and sewage treatment plants,” the company stated.

The establishments will be liable for any damage to the wastewater networks, the company said. “Haya Water has the right to take necessary legal measures in the event of non-compliance or causing any damage to wastewater networks as a result of failure to follow the notice.”

It further said that establishments can get in touch with the company to provide a list of approved companies that specialise in procurement and installing oil and grease separation units. It added that based on the provisions of Royal Decree 2001/115 and Articles 8 and 19, there was a need to protect the sources of groundwater from pollution and based on the Royal Decree it has the authority to act in case of non-compliance.

According to Article 8 of the Royal Decree, non-household effluents should not be discharged in sewage networks unless it is treated in order to be in conformity with the specifications stated in the law. The law sets maximum allowed levels of metals, dissolved solids as well as oil and grease content in the wastewater. K K Mohandas from the Passage to India restaurant, told Muscat Daily that his restaurant had invested in a deep chamber to separate grease from water many years ago. “It is essential for a restaurant to have such a unit. We have it for about 20 years. It is a one-time investment, which helps maintain clog-free drains,” he said.

A coffee shop, a juice bar cum sandwich corner as well a popular fine dining Indian restaurant in CBD said that they have a contract with a company which comes and takes away all the used cooking oil. “We have a special container where we put all the leftover oil. After every few days the collection team from the company comes to take it away,” said the manager of a popular restaurant. All these food outlets said that they did not have any special equipment for separating oil from water before discharging it into the wastewater network.

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