'Collecting funds for funeral costs un-Islamic'

Muscat - 

Oman's Assistant Grand Mufti has said that collecting funds to cover funeral costs should be avoided. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Kahlan bin Nabhan al Kharousi also said that providing meals to mourners was against the teachings of Islam.

Some families collect funds on a monthly basis to cover funeral expenses. Dr Kharousi said there is a need for people to understand the importance of avoiding extravagance during mourning. “Collecting funds to cover funeral expenses is considered makrooh (an offensive act). Having to organise meals at funeral is unwanted.

It burdens those who have to be condoled.” He said it is improper for people going to give their condolences to expect meals at the venue. “People should also avoid visiting the family during meal times. That too is makrooh. There no reward from Allah for this,” he said. Dr Kharousi said that some people pay for funeral expenses from the deceased’s inheritance. In such cases, the funeral costs are deducted from the inheritors’ share.

“This practice is wrong because what a deceased has left behind belongs to his legal inheritors. This should be avoided even if the deceased has requested it in his will. In such cases the will is considered invalid,” he said.

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