Coffee shop worker steals RO1,500, valuables from employer’s room

Muscat - 

The house of a coffee shop owner was allegedly robbed on Friday by a staff member who escaped with RO1,500, mobile phone recharge coupons, and the employer’s passport and residence card.

In a complaint filed with the Ruwi police, Changaramangalam Moideen, who runs Massa National Coffee Shop in Ruwi, said that the staffer, Rassal, made away with the items after locking him up in the bathroom as he prepared for the Friday prayers. 

“I had employed 23 year old Rassal six months back at my coffee shop and he lived in the same compound. I had met him on my way to the washroom when he told me he was going for the Friday prayers,” Moideen said.

“But a few minutes after I entered the washroom, he locked the door from outside and took RO1,500, mobile recharge coupons, and my passport and residence card from my room.”

Moideen said his neighbours had seen Rassal leaving with a bag. “The theft may have been planned in advance as he had even arranged for a vehicle to escape in.”

An ROP team has collected evidence from the scene of crime.

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