Children’s seminar to focus on drugs, smoking and misuse of Internet

Muscat - 

A social awareness seminar will be held under the patronage of Ministry of Education (MoE) on April 8. 

The seminar, targeting children between the age of eight and 14 years, will cover some critical issues of today like exam stress, lack of motivation in youngsters, drug abuse, alcohol usage, smoking and the misuse of Internet.

Samira al Zadjali, assistant director of administrative services, housing and staff care in MoE, said, “This is an excellent initiative. We have informed all schools and we are quite certain the response for the event will be good.”

Ayesha al Shoily, head of training at Ooredoo, will be conducting the sessions in Arabic.

“Being a mother, I believe it is my social responsibility to discuss these topics in an open forum. Most of my suggestions are tried and tested ones and these work. Our society is a very closed one and we are uncomfortable discussing issues like drugs, smoking, etc openly. So, I think this event is a good starting point for all of us,” said Ayesha.

“We often see children misbehaving and having little respect for their parents. We usually see them glued to screens. While technology is a boon, young ones should be taught to use it for their benefit,” said Adi Raja Biju, owner of FABS Events and the organiser.

The seminar will be held at Hormuz Grand Hotel from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

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