CCE team to take part in UK racing competition

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A team from Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) will take part in the Student Formula racing competition at the Silverstone Circuit in UK in July 2013.

The college inaugurated a workshop on Monday to provide support to Caledonian Team Oryx - the 25-member student team - to build a single-seat racing car to take part in the prestigious international competition.

The car will cost around RO60,000 and the team has already received sponsorships and funds worth RO30,000 from different institutions.

Meanwhile, to boost creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation among students and staff, Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Zakwani, executive director of the Industrial Innovation Centre inaugurated the Caledonian Centre for Creativity and Innovation at the college premises.

The Student Formula competition is an annual race attracting 3,000 participants racing over 130 cars and representing universalities from more than 30 countries.

The competition is being organised under the umbrella of Society of Automotive Engineers and supported by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Haitham al Saqri, the student leader of Team Oryx, said, “We have already designed the car which will be powered by a Yamaha R 6 motorbike engine. The car is being manufactured as per as the regulations and standards recommended by the organisers of the Student Formula competition. The team will test the car at the Oman Automobile Association track in Seeb. After the test, the best driver will be selected to take part in the UK competition.”

According to Dr Ahmed al Bulushi, the acting dean of CCE, the college is the first higher education institution in the Gulf to participate in this competition.

Dr Zakwani said, “The Team Oryx racing car project is an embodiment of our determination to provide support to students who have a good idea and who want to convert it into reality.”

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