Bank muscat revamps call centre service with enhanced IVR facility

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Bank muscat has revamped its call centre operations offering enhanced integrated voice response (IVR) facilities to avail a host of services.

AbdulRazak Ali Issa, chief executive, inaugurated the call centre at a ceremony attended by senior bank officials.

Issa said, “bank muscat is proud to launch the revamped call centre operations as part of its commitment to excellence in providing innovative banking solutions. A keen perception of customer requirements has enabled the bank to develop innovative products and services in line with the current and emerging needs. Continuous innovation of products and services has resulted in the largest banking family reaping valuable benefits.”

Bank muscat operates the largest call centre in the banking domain in the sultanate with best in class technology, handling an average 150,000 calls a month.

The language options for the IVR facility include Arabic and English.

The call centre is getting more IVR calls.

Using the IVR system, customers can help themselves to obtain all information or make requests for services and products.

Customers can report card loss and block their cards through the IVR system.

To use the IVR facility, callers are required to follow the audio instructions after contacting the call centre.

The instructions to press relevant numbers on phone facilitate the respective options to obtain various information and services.

To enhance IVR facility, bank muscat has launched instant generation of T-PIN (telephone personal identification number).

The new facility eliminates the need to wait for few days to manually collect T-PINs from branches.

Customers can contact the Call Centre on 24795555 and instantly generate T-PINs of their own choice over the call.

The ease of instant generation of T-PIN over a call leads to flexibility to carry out phone banking transactions 24x7.

Offering convenience and flexibility, bank muscat phone banking services are prompt, easy and secure with the fully secured T-PIN.

The call centre services are provided within the fastest processing time. Ninety per cent of the calls are answered within ten seconds.

Despite the high call volume, the service level is one of the best as most of the calls are answered within service time.

The call centre manned by 150 staff has achieved near-100 per cent Omanisation with a healthy 50:50 male, female ratio.

The phone bankers are professionally trained in soft skills development and customer relations to handle the operations.

The call centre activities are divided into three areas – operations department, solutions department and fraud monitoring unit with a dedicated and specialised unit for Asalah Priority banking customers.

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