Bait al Zubair hosts ‘Wonders of Wildlife in Dhofar’ exhibition till January 26

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Under the auspices of H E Mohammed bin Salim bin Said al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs, Bait al Zubair hosted an iconic collection of Haitham bin Ghalib bin Mansour al Shanfari’s photographs at an exhibition, which will continue till January 26.

This stunning collection of his work from Dhofar entitled, ‘Wonders of Wildlife in Dhofar’, is the first solo exhibition for Shanfari, which gives the opportunity for his work to be bought by the public.

Shanfari started photography in 2014 and during this short time, he participated in many local exhibitions such as Khareef Salalah Exhibition, The 45th National Day Exhibition, Dhofar Forum Exhibition, Spectra Exhibition, Oman Light Exhibition and Wildlife Exhibition.

He has also participated in international exhibitions such as the ‘Let Her Migrate’ exhibition in Bahrain, Youth Creations Forum in the UAE and Saudi Colours Exhibition.

Shanfari did not wait for long to be distinguished in national and international forums. He has been recognised with some prestigious awards locally and internationally.

He has been awarded with honorary medals in Spain, Switzerland, Macedonia, Greece and the US and Armenia.

He also received silver medals in Serbia and Greece and bronze medals in Armenia, Greece and Oman.

Due to his qualifications and professionalism, Shanfari reaped the title of Artist FIAP, the artist who made the Wildlife Central.

This exhibition contains more than 40 photos with varied angles that are close to telling the story of the wildlife in Dhofar. This exhibition runs in Bait Oud at Bait Al Zubair Foundation.

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