Ayana Spa launches range of handmade soap

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A new range of handmade natural soap was launched by Ayana Spa in Sarooj Plaza on Tuesday.

The high usage of chemicals in commercial soaps led Mae Ballout, the owner of Ayana Spa, to create natural soap. The range consists of 12 different kinds of soap and seasonal specials. Natural and organic ingredients are used in the soap bars, formulated for different skin types.

“Soap making is a craft. When I started making the soap I was very conscious of the ingredients that I was using and wanted to source as many products locally as possible. This not only makes them Omani products, but also cuts down the carbon footprint of each bar of soap,” Mae said.

The frankincense in the soap is hand-picked by a supplier in Dhofar. “He ensures that it is the highest grade possible for my soap. The goat's milk is also sourced from Oman. The main ingredient in the soaps is extra virgin olive oil from family orchards in Lebanon.”

Mae claimed that many of us are conscious of what we eat, but pay little attention to what we put on our skin. “With non-natural products, you can use more than 200 chemicals in just one session of cleansing, toning, exf-oliating, moisturising and showering. These can cause a range of problems. Our soaps maintain the body’s natural oil and pH balance. Handmade soaps work with your skin to maintain oil levels and softness.”

With fragrances such as rainforest, olive tree, papaya and coconut, goat’s milk and Indian jasmine in the basic collection, and frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon and spice, jasmine and sumac, citrus sunshine and candy cane in the Christmas collection, prices of the soap range from RO2.7-12.

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