Arab Travellers Forum concludes in Dhofar

Muscat - 

The Arab Travellers Forum organised by Arab Travellers Team came to an end on Saturday in the Governorate of Dhofar.

Seventy-five travellers from GCC countries and ten members from the organisers took part in the three-day event. The forum aimed to highlight and popularise tourism in Dhofar in particular and Oman in general, as most of the participating travellers were pioneers of social media.

Throughout the event Arab Travellers Team was staying at the Mirbat Marriott Resort and visited prominent tourist and historic sites in the governorate including the Frankincense Land Museum and the Salalah Tourism Festival.

The team’s objectives included sharing expertise and local experiences, technical know-how and optimal selection for the tourism sector, as well as providing services and facilities for travellers through guidance programmes and leaflets.

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