Airport taxis switch to new colour scheme

Muscat - 

Private taxis operating from the Muscat International Airport have begun switching to a new colour scheme.

Around 30 taxis painted white with a new design in shades of blue have begun plying while others are being repainted.  Officials clarified though that these are not metered taxis.

Wihaad al Harthy, marketing manager, aeronautics, Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC), said, “Out of the 100 taxis operating from Muscat  International Airport, about 30 have changed to the new colour.”

On introducing metered taxis at the airport, Harthy said that OAMC was actively following up on the project, which will be executed soon.

An official in the airport taxi department said the new colour scheme for these privately owned cars was approved by the ROP.  “Other taxis operating from the airport too will be painted afresh for uniformity. Each week, five taxis are being repainted. The move is part of Muscat International Airport's expansion plans.”

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