50.3% voter turnout in Oman’s first Municipal Council polls, 4 women winners among 192 representatives

H E Sayyid Khalid al Busaidi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, and other dignitaries at the press conference on Sunday (Muscat Daily)

Muscat - 

More than half of those registered turned out to vote in the Municipal Council elections on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Interior (MoI). Of the 447,551 registered voters who updated the e-voting system on their ID cards, 50.3 per cent of these – around 225,118 – cast their vote.

The percentage of men voters was 61.3 per cent while the women constituted 38.7 per cent.

“The 50.3 per cent turnout is satisfactory for the municipal council elections which was held for the first time in the sultanate,” H E Sayyid Khalid al Busaidi, Undersecretary of MoI and chairman of the main committee of the elections, said at a press conference at MoI on Sunday.

A minimum age of 21 years was part of the eligibility criteria for voting. In addition, registration as a voter on the electoral register for the Municipal Council elections was a must, in addition to updating the e-voting system on the ID through ROP’s mobile units.

Though over 545,000 citizens had initially registered to vote, over 97,000 citizens did not update their IDs with the e-voting software required to participate in the actual voting process.

In comparison to these elections, 76 per cent of those who updated the e-voting software in their IDs voted during the last Shura Council elections held in December last year.

Four women candidates have emerged victorious in the elections. “The victory can be termed as the collective success of women in the sultanate. The presence of three women in the Municipal Council of Muscat governorate alone is significant as Muscat is the capital of the sultanate,” H E Busaidi said.

“The municipal councils constitute a new step in the context of building a modern society and will add to the already existing Shura-based approach based on the principles of partnership, cooperation and collaboration. The system will depend on citizens' role in building their country and society, as well as contributing to different development programmes,” H E Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al Busaidi, Minister of Interior, said in a statement.

“I thank all the participating stakeholders, government agencies, public and private sectors, and citizens within and outside the sultanate for their active participation.”


Muscat Governorate

Muscat : Qais bin Mohammed bin Ali al M'ashari, Salem bin Ali bin Khamis al Jabri

Mutrah: Mahmoud bin Abdulqadir bin Mier a'Shahurzi, Zuhair bin Abdulrida bin Fadil al Lawati, Salem bin Mohammed bin Hamad al Ghamari, Freed bin Allah Bakhsh bin Mihrab al Belushi

Amerat : San'a bint Hilal bin Salem al M'ashari, Fahad bin Yahya bin Yunis a'N'abi, Mudhafar bin Mohammed bin Nasir al Wihaibi, Ali bin Salim bin Ali al M'ashari

Bausher : A'Shaym'a bint Ali bin Ibrahim bin Shnoun a'Raisi, Khalil bin Humaid bin Abdulla al Hasani, Malik bin Hilal bin Hamoud bin Hamad al Yahmadi, Salim bin Said bin Said bin Salim a'Rahbi, Amir bin Said bin Khalfan bin Rashid al Wihaibi, Mubarak bin Hamad bin Salim al Ghabshi

Seeb : Hamdan bin Da'ood bin Hamdan al Yusufi, Maqbool bin Issa bin Shaho al Belushi, Abdelrahman bin Hamid bin Khamis al Belushi, Yusuf bin Nasir bin Ali Bani Auraba, Khalid bin Said bin Mohammed al Hasani, Yahya bin Mohammed bin Mubarak al Amri

Quriyat : Fatima bint Nasir bin Said a'Snani, Said bin Khalfan bin Suleiman al Belushi, Abdulla bin saleh bin Hamoud al Batashi, Mubarak bin Moahmmed bin Said al Amri

Dhofar Governorate

Salalah: Salim bin Awadh bin Said al Yaf'i, Amar bin Marhoun bin Ahmed al Marhoun, Ali bin Suhail bin Ali Tabouk, Ali bin Mas'oud bin Mujadih Al Kathiri, Ali bin Said bin Ahmed Al Bur'mi, Hashim bin Tahir bin Abdullah Al Ibrahim

Taqa: Mohammed bin M'atouq bin Said a'Shihri, Ali bin Ahmed bin Salim al M'ashani

 Mirbat: Amir bin Mahad bin Amir al M'mari, Alawi bin Muhsin bin Alawi Ba Alawi

Rakhyut: Misthail bin Mohammed bin Musalam Rajhait al Mahri, Ahmed bin Shamas bin Salem Shamas

Thumrait: Bakhit bin Ahmed bin Bakhit Al Hamar al Kathiri, Arif bin Salem bin Mohammed Jadad

Dhalkut: Ahmed bin Salem bin Bakhit Hardan, Mohammed bin Sa'd bin Sankour R'afait

Al Mazyona: Isam bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Z'abanout, Salem bin Bakhit bin Salem al Afari

Muqshan: Suhail bin Said bin Mayah Al Masahli, Mabkhout bin Salem bin Khutaim Masan Bait Kathir

Shalim and Halaniyat: Sultan bin Zayid bin Mohammed al Bathari, Mohammed bin Dalakum bin Suhail A'Zab al Mahri

Sadah: Bakhit bin Amir bin Said Liqat al Amri, Said bin Mohammed bin Jum'an Touh a'Shihri

Musandam Governorate

Khasab: Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Abdullah al Kamzari, Ali bin Hasan bin Ali al Kamzari

Diba: Saleh bin Abdulla bin Moahammed a'Dhahwari, Ahmed bin Ibrahim bin Ali a'Dhahwari

Bukha: Hasan bin Suleiman bin Hasan a'Shihi, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Hasan a'Shihi

Madha: Saif bin Mohammed bin Rashi a'S'adi, Sabih bin Said bin Sabih al Madhani

Buraimi Governorate

Buraimi: Saqir bin Abdullah bin Ahmed al Belushi, Mohammed bin Suleiman bin Saif al Azani, Mohammed bin Ali bin Said al Badi, Rashid bin Said bin Suleiman al Ghaithi

Mahdha: Mohammed bin Saif bin Jum'a al K'abi, Khamis bin Salem bin Said al K'abi

Sunaina: Nasir bin Ali bin Musabh a'Shamsi, Mohammed bin Hamad bin Miftah a'Shamsi

Dhakhliya Governorate

Nizwa: Asim bin Salem bin Mohammed al Jamoudi, Ali bin Nasir bin Said al Busaidi, Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salem al Amri, Mohammed bin Mas'oud bin Mohammed a'N'mani, Mohammed bin Said bin Mohammed al Kimyani, Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Issa al Amri

Bahla: Salem bin Hamad bin Said al Mifrji, Said bin Sultan bin Mohamed al M'ni, Saud bin Ali bin Said al Sh'aili, Khalid bin Nasir bin Salim al Wardi

Manah: Ali bin Abdullah bin Rashid al Busaidi, Suwaid bin Awadh bin Harith a'Tubi

Al Hamra : Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah al Hatali, Saud bin Rashid bin Said al Khatri

Adam: Mubarak bin Abdullah bin Khalfan al Mahrouqi, Ali bin Said bin Ali a'Dir'i

Izki: Nasir bin Hamid bin Barghash al Amri, Jum'a bin Khalfan bin Ali a'Rawahi, Khalid bin Saleh bin Suleiman al Azri, Suleiman bin Ghashim bin Au'imar al Amri

Samail: Yunis bin Y'qub bin Issa a'Siabi, Said bin Ibrahim bin Yusif a'Rawahi, Salem bin Omar bin Abdulla al Makhladi, Nasir bin Mohammed bin Nasir al Hashmi

Bidbid: Mubarak bin Rashid bin Nasir a'Rahbi, Said bin Nasir bin Mohammed a'Siabi

North Batinah Governorate

Sohar: Ali bin Darwish bin Ali al Ajmi, Salem bin Mubarak bin Abdulla al Belushi, Ali bin Ahmed bin Ali al M'aini, Khalid bin Sultan bin Mohammed al Jabri, Hamad bin Khadim bin Mohammed al Jabri, Ahmed bin Said bin Ahmed al Badrani

Shinas: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Ahmed al Abri, Awadh bin Khalfan bin Mohammed al Mayasi, Ahmed bin Ali bin Hasan a'Z'abi, Hamad bin Abdullah bin Ahmed al Miqbali

Liwa: Saqir bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Hasan al Belushi, Yusif bin Mohammed bin Said bin Masoud al Mi'mari

Saham: Salman bin Mohammed bin Hasan al Fazari, Ibrahim bin Ali bin Hasan a'Shihi, Ibrahim bin Said bin Salim al M'mari, Badir bin Nasir bin Abdulla al Khaldi, Ahmed bin Rashid bin Ahmed al Fazari, Mubarak bin Salem bin Said a'Syabi

Khaboora: Najaf bin Hamad bin Najaf al Ajmi, Ali bin Karam bin Ali al Belushi, Muza bint Abdulla bin Mohammed al Husni, Habib bin Hamad bin Rashid al Husni

Suwaiq: Ali bin Mubarak bin Musabh a'Rishaidi, Said bin Saif bin Salem al Masaudi, Abdullah bin Saif bin Ali al Jahwari, Khamis bin Jamil bin Harib al Khumaisi, Khamis bin Nasir bin Khamis a'Sadi, Rashid bin Khalifa bin Rashid al Khamisi

South Batinah Governorate

Rustaq: Ali bin Said bin Khalaf al Abri, Khamis bin Sarour bin Khalfan a'Shikaili, Rashid bbin Masoud bin Nasir a'Syabi, Yasir bin Hamoud bin Khalfan al Abri, Suleiman bin Mohammed bin Hamad a'Shikaili, Khalifa bin Saif bin Khamis al M'mari

Al Awabi: Zahir bin Khalfan bin Zahir al Khanziri, Abdulla bin Saif bin Hamad al Kharousi

Nakhl: Y'aqub bin Saleh bin Mohammed al Ubaidani, Nasir bin Mansour bin Marhoun a'Ryami

Wadi al M'awil: Badir bin Malik bin Saif al M'wali, Salem bin Ali bin Said a'N'abi

Barka: Nasir bin Ali bin Sabih al Malki, Rashid bin Khamis bin Abdulla al Hadi, Yunis bin Abdelrahim bin Abdelrahman al Belushi, Khalid bin Khalfan bin Mohammed a'Rishaidi, Khamis bin Amir bin Hamad al Mishairfi, Hamoud bin Said bin Badir al Belushi

Musanah: Yusif bin Abdelrahman bin Hamad al Mijaini, Saud bin Abdelrahim bin Ishaq al Belushi, Abdulla bin Salem bin Abdullah a'Sadi, J'afar bin Abdullah bin Ali al Belushi

South Sharqiya Governorate

Sur: Saleh bin Abdulla bin Hamad al Hatroushi, Salem bin Amir bin Khamis al Harbi, Nasir bin Salem bin Humaid al Amri, Salem bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Mekhaini, Khamis bin Nasir bin Rashid al Alawi, Hamad bin Jum'a bin Hamad al Iraimi

Al Kamil wal Wafi: Jasim bin Mohammed bin Hamad a'Rasbi, Hamad bin Halis bin Salem al Hashmi

Jalan Bani Bu Hasan: Abdulaziz bin Rashid bin Mohammed al Hasani, Saleh bin Amir bin Sultan al Meshaikhi

Jalan Bani Bu Ali: Mohammed bin Salem bin Ali al Kasbi, Saif bin Salem bin Rashid al Sinaidi, Fayil bin Hamad bin Kharbush a'Zarai, Said bin Nasir bin Mohammed al Sa'di

Masirah: Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Saleem al Iraimi, Nasir bin Saleem bin Khamis al Farsi

North Sharqiyah Governorate

Ibra: Abdulla bin Said bin Ahmed al Maskari, Awad bin Ali bin Masoud al Ibrawi

Al Mudhaibi: Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Masoud al Habsi, Muhana bin Mohammed bin Said al Fazari, Said bin Salem bin Hamoud a'Shabibi, Ahmed bin Nasir bin Rashid al Mahrouqi, Al Abid bin Abdullah bin Ali al Jahafi, Humaid bin Sultan bin Hamoud al Jahafi

Bidiya: Moahmmed bin Badir bin Salem al Hajri, Salem bin Khuwaidim bin Ali al Wahibi

Al Qabil: Said bin Ahmed bin Amir a'Sa'di, Ahmed bin Abdullah bin hamad al Harthi

Wadi Bani Khalid: Hamoud bin Said bin Saif a'S'adi, Khamis bin Abdullah bin Salem a'S'adi

Dima wa Ta'een: Salem bin Abdullah bin Saif al Hasani, Nasir bin Saoud bin Nasir al Handhali

Dhahira Governorate

Ibri: Shahm bin Rashid bin Saif a'Shahomi, Snaidi bin Hameed bin Snaidi a'Sha'li, Sultan bin Mubarak bin Khalifa al Kalbani, Said bin Khalifa bin Saif a'Saidi, Ali bin Mohammed bin Ali a'Nasri, Hameed bin Masoud bin Abdullah A'Shamli

Yanqul: Mohammed bin Saleh bin Ali al Badi, Masoud bin Mubarak bin Masoud al Alawi

Dhank: Saif bin Abdullah bin Said a'Rabkhi, al Atas bin Mohammed bin Saif a'Zidi

Al Wusta Governorate

Haima: Said bin Mubarak bin Saqir al Harsosi, Mubarak bin Said bin Suhail al Harsosi

Mahout: Thuwaini bin Nasir bin Ali al Jahafi, Said bin Saif bin Nabhan al Hakmani

Duqm: Sabih bin Rashid bin Said al Junaibi, Said bin Saleh bin Hamdon al Junaibi

Al Jazir: Said bin Rabe'a bin Bashir al Ghuzaili al Junaibi, Zayid bin Abduon bin Musalam al Junaibi

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