11 Jet Airways passengers miss flight due to rescheduling

Muscat - 

Eleven Jet Airways passengers of the Muscat-Thiruvananthapuram flight on Sunday missed the flight as the airline rescheduled its departure time from 1.30am to 10.30pm on Saturday.

The change had come into effect from Saturday. Riyaz Kuttery, country manager, Jet Airways, told Muscat Daily that passengers were informed of the change. “The 11 passengers who missed the flight could not be reached because we did not have their contact details.

"But we accommodated all of them on the flight that left on Monday at no extra cost.”

Kuttery explained that the rescheduling did not take place overnight and all the travel agents were informed about it. “Our team called each and every passenger, and for those whose contact details were missing, we informed the travel agents who had booked the flights.”

Jet Airways has also changed the timings of its Kochi-Muscat flight, which now departs from Kochi at 7.30pm and arrives in Muscat at 9.30pm.

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