Sipping kahwa to recharge mind and soul

Sipping a hot cup of kahwa can be relaxing as well as refreshing. However, as claimed by a 60-something frail Omani who prepares kahwa, very few Omanis of this generation are aware how it is brewed. 

At Amerat Park, Mubarak al Hajri is busy demonstrating how to prepare kahwa. His audience is not limited to Omanis, as visitors from India, Pakistan, UK and Australia are also interested in the art of kahwa making. Hajri says, “You need lots of patience to prepare kahwa. It’s always prepared under controlled temperature to help make the kahwa strong or light as desired. The second stage of kahwa preparation is mixing water with ground coffee in right proportion.”

He said that Omanis buy coffee seeds from traditional markets. “A buyer knows which coffee seed is best for kahwa. It is then ground in a mixer.

“If you know the taste of your guests or friends, you prepare kahwa accordingly.”

Hajri hails from a village in Bidiyah and says that he has worked as a kahwa maker for more than four decades. “The flavour of kahwa is directly proportionate to the time spent in preparing it.”

Hajri believes that western coffee can  never replace the traditional coffee prepared in copper utensils over firewood.

Alex Peters, a British tourist said, “I love trying different varieties of coffee. I tried kahwa and found the taste quite refreshing. I plan to buy some coffee seeds best suited for making kahwa before flying back home.”

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