Quilts for a cause

For members of the Muscat Quilt Guild (MQG), quilting is not just a craft but an addiction. On November 19, products of their passion, colourful quilts, were on display at the Towell Bed Centre showroom in Zakher Mall. The members had sewn the pieces as part of a Mystery Quilt competition, organised by the guild for a charitable cause.

Why the mystery? Because, the participants did not have a complete design to work on. Instead, stepby- step clues and instructions were e-mailed to them periodically to help them visualise and quilt the pieces together. Pamela Jacobs, mystery quilt coordinator, MQG, who used to e-mail the clues to the participants, said, “I sent instructions such as 'cut half-inch squares' and would give them clues about the design, such as the kind of boxes or scraps to be used on the quilt. So the clues are given out one at a time. There was a beginner in the team who, along with others followed the instructions very well. The mystery lie in the fact that the ladies, creatively working on the quilt, didn't know the look of the quilt in the beginning.

The complete look was revealed only at the end.” “It is amazing to see the squares and rectangles fit so well on the quilts,” said Jo Stewart, chairperson, MQG. “The best part is that all of them have almost the same pattern on them and look intriguing. The display looked stunning because this has been the first time that the quilts were spread out on mattresses. We are thankful to Towell Bed Centre for giving us the space and the support for us to be able to put up a demonstration of our creations.”

With the winter nip already in the air, the fully-handmade quilts in bright shades of almost every colour possible seem to be the right thing to donate for charity. Some are six feet long while the smaller ones have been specially designed to be donated to needy children.

“Firstly, RO5 collected from each of the 22 participants in the competition will go to a chosen charitable organisation. While some quilts sewn for personal use are taken back home, others will go to charity,” said Pamela. “I have been with MQG for a long time,” said Anisa Abdullah, a committee member of MQG. “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and made friends in the group. Towell Bed Centre has supported the event and helped us make it a grand affair.”

Talking about other activities of the guild, Maggi Wilcockson, another MQG committee member, said, “The group does a phenomenal amount of creative work every year. Some quilts are handmade and some are sent to Dubai for professional quilting. I have worked relentlessly over the last few months and enjoyed the whole experience of being associated with the group.” By March 2013, funds collected from the competition will be donated to a chosen charitable organisation and some of the quilts will be donated to the Early Intervention Centre. 

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