Oman meets China

Chris Liang, left, and Jianchao Mo

Chinese cuisine remains one of the most modified cuisines all around the world. Every continent has its own version of ‘Chinese food’ - spiced up and blended up with other cultural additives. 

Therefore when we bumped into award-winning Chinese chefs Chris Liang and Jianchao Mo from The Ritz- Carlton Guangzhou, we seized the opportunity to experience the authentic flavours of Cantonese food.

Within the umbrella of Chinese cuisine too there are different foods that originate from different regions and different cooking styles points out Chef Mo, who is running the show this week at Mood China, Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Among these, the most famous one is Cantonese cuisine and “that’s the one we are cooking in Oman”, he adds.

A lot of Chinese food is about fresh vegetables and meat and exotic spices that is a novel experience for the taste buds.

“We have created a menu with special ingredients and Chinese spices,” says Chef Mo as he gears up to whip out the best blends.

1. Stewed Conch Soup with Cordyceps Flowers & Mushroom


This soup is a treat for the taste buds with rare combinations of tricholoma matsutake - one of the most precious fungi in the world with amazing nutritional and medicinal properties - and cordyceps flower which contains rich protein and amino-acids. Both ingredients are known to improve immunity and health, hence the name “kung fu soup”.


2. Braised Crab with Mushroom


This dish uses select wild mushrooms from the mountains of China. The fragrant flavour of the mushrooms, when paired with fresh crab, creates a perfect mélange.


3. Braised Sole Fillet with Black Wolfberry


One of Chef Mo’s favourite ingredients, the black wolfberry is extremely nutritious and is known for improving blood circulation. Pairing it with fish is not only a great way to create a delicious dish but also an ideal recipe for the health conscious foodie.


4. Fried Rice with Foie Gras, Wagyu Beef and Osmanthus


This is a dish which appeals to all the senses. There is a fresh burst of colour, taste and aroma in this recipe . Osmanthus, one of the ingredients used in this dish is famous for its aromatic properties - which is why the dish is an olfactory treat.


5. Braised Beef Ribs with Coffee Bean in Lotus Leaf


This extraordinary dish was created out of people’s love for coffee and beef. When hot beef wrapped in lotus leaf is placed into a mixture of coffee beans and sea salt, the fragrance circulated is enough to whet ones appetite.

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