Happy Mother's Day: With Love, On Mother's Day

Maimuna al Sulaimani, a prominent Muscat-based legal practitioner, the first Omani to be featured in The Legal 500 powerlist, talks about balancing motherhood and her career. 

I had my first baby in 2003, in my early twenties, while pursuing LLM in Commercial Law in Glassgow. I now realise what a long stretch it has been after 13 years of giving birth to my eldest son Yaarub.

Raising a baby while studying was not at all easy and it would not have been possible without the support of my mother who travelled to be with me and helped in taking care of my child while I had to go to the library on a daily basis! As we speak, I am a mother of three children today, in addition to Yaarub, I’m blessed with Ali, 10, and Haya, 8.

It wasn’t easy at all back then with a short maternity leave coupled with other obstacles. Today the laws have changed significantly and the situation has improved for working mothers. That being said, I was not the only one who sacrificed in this journey.

My children and close family members have cooperated along with me.

On every mother’s day, I continue to remember the grace of Allah to have granted me such a supportive mother and elder sister who continue to remain my role models. On this occasion, I encourage all the women in Oman to not be tangled in the dilemma of work vs life balance.

Motherhood is a gift that the Almighty grants to women and they should cherish it. At the same time, it is also a blessing to be a smart young woman in this modern age.

These women understand well that success is a value and can embrace that. So, take things easy and handle each day as it comes with its own challenges.

Eventually, it is a matter of time when children will grow older and less dependent on the mother and she can then freely focus on her career even further.

As for me, I have learnt the most valuable lessons of life and work from my little ones…they taught me patience, transparency and honesty.

On Mother’s Day I wish all mothers and families a happy and blessed time. This day is exciting as you receive beautiful handmade cards in the morning from your children and later in the day run with a gift to your own mother.

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