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Riyadh-Abdul Aziz
    Riyadh  Abdul Aziz


    Riyadh Abdul Aziz is a blogger interested in the relationship between the web and society who works as a legal researcher for the government of Oman. He is interested in technology, intellectual property, and law. You can e-mail Riyadh at

Don’t children deserve privacy?
    April 26, 2016

The whole country has been captivated by the shocking story of the abandoned girl in Buraimi, but little attention has been paid to the right of privacy this child is entitled to.

Making knowledge more accessible
    April 10, 2016 is a business that managed to create an incentive to academic authors to publish their works for free on the Internet. 

The most recent agreement between Oman and the US has the potential to greatly contribute to the availability of academic and scientific works to members of the public for free in both countries. 

Piracy of academic articles
    March 13, 2016

Online piracy played a big role in pushing the entertainment industry to create convenient and affordable legal options for acquiring content on the Internet. 

The Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs recently made a statement saying that no books were banned from the Muscat International Book Fair and that censorship of books is pointless today because Omanis can download uncensored e-books from the Internet freely.

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