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    Mahesh has been in Oman for almost 25 years. He worked with the State Bank of India group, Banque Indo Suez, BankMuscat and Merrill Lynch before starting Trinity Investments. Why Trinity? Apparently because of the three women in his life... his wife and two daughters! You can contact him at

Summer is here
    May 24, 2017

Summer seems to have finally arrived in all its glory. The mercury is desperately trying to break free from the fetters of the mid-40s and it appears as if it will only find solace in the arms of the high 40s, after flirting with the low 50s. 

An uncanny resemblance
    May 10, 2017

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron and the undersigned are not what the Germans call “doppelgängers”, which for the uninitiated means that we do not “nearly or completely resemble one another, with no biological relation” by whatever stretch of imagination. 

Within a span of a fortnight, we have lost two of the finest and the most spirited women one knew; both in their 80’s and both had the zest for life that a 50 year old has - oh alright, perhaps the zest that a 60 year old has, and that is final - am not succumbing to any further arm twisting to make it 70!

Pursue dreams, reignite passions
    April 12, 2017

Once in a blue moon, a pink moon appears and that happened last night. Ala the ‘blue’ moon which does not have anything to do with the actual colour of the moon, the ‘pink’ moon also did not don a rosy shade as the name seems to suggest.

Time to bid adieu
    March 29, 2017

The time has come to bid adieu…to the residue of the month of March, to the last vestiges of winter, and to what Lord Byron had so eloquently referred to as the “good old times” – as “all times when old are good.” However, the good old times threaten to be petering off, now that our very dear friends have actually firmed up their date to say Ma’a Salama and bid adieu to Oman-which has been their home for the past three decades.

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