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Imran -Qureshi
    Imran  Qureshi

    Muscat Daily Columnist

    Imran Qureshi is a seasoned print and television journalist, based in Bengaluru. He writes on political and other issues and follows trends in society

Understanding clicks
    December 16, 2014

Recent events have caught policy makers napping at a time when e-commerce is being touted as the next big revolution in the Indian marketplace. Voters have accepted technology. Can governments afford to fall way behind?

Bigotry thrives
    December 9, 2014

Hate utterances by senior party members may be a strategic tool for BJP’s electoral ambitions. But, there is a need to reign them in as they threaten to overshadow Modi’s development focus

Tongue tied
Tongue tied
    December 2, 2014

The HRD Ministry’s rush to replace German with Sanskrit in central schools shows the government’s ham-handedness in dealing with the sensitive issue of languages that impacts children

Not so holy
    November 25, 2014

A godman charged with a murder conspiracy uses a well armed battalion of faithfuls to wage war on the police, in the process killing five women and a child

This file photo shows India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (third from left) with Mahatma Gandhi (centre) and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (right) at an All India Congress Committee meeting in 1946
Battle for icons
    November 18, 2014

In its bid to claim a rightful place for itself in the story of India’s Independence and growth, the BJP has begun a systematic move to create a new pecking order for political icons

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