Zubair Group’s new initiative to help Omani businesses

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In line with its core values of corporate social responsibility, the Zubair Group on Saturday announced a series of initiatives to support the accelerated growth of small enterprises in Oman.

These initiatives are being launched under a specialised organisation - Zubair Small Enterprises Centre - which will nurture and support promising Omani enterprises in their growth and prosperity by providing administrative, financial and marketing support, as well as assisting in their collaboration with established business networks in Oman and beyond, a press release said.

To begin with, the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre will commit to sponsoring ten small enterprises annually, in addition to providing general business support to others. Further, the centre will support the nurturing of the spirit of entrepreneurship in education by partnering with the Injaz organisation to launch the 'Tasees' programme for the first time in the sultanate, and will also support and promote the 'Sharikati' university contest.    

Highlighting the importance of the new initiatives, Khalid M al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation, said, “In accordance with the vision and wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the private sector has been asked to step up and play a pivotal role in the development of SMEs, to further aid the transformation of the economy in the sultanate.

"At the Zubair Group, we strongly believe that private-sector businesses can offer a wealth of invaluable support and experience to this emerging sector. By establishing the small enterprises centre at the base of Zubair Group’s corporate social responsibility plan, we are committed to playing a greater part in serving the people of Oman and help lay the foundations for a strong and growing economy.”

The centre's initiatives will foster the ideal environment for sustainable, commercial success of small businesses and they have been aligned to work alongside the objectives of the Oman Government for the continued growth of the SME sector. Providing an accelerated growth strategy for young Omani entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses is the main goal of these initiatives, thereby contributing to the success of SMEs.

Zubair said, “By nurturing a conducive and healthy environment in which small and medium enterprises can operate, we can offer significant opportunities for accelerated business growth. The Zubair Group’s plan is to achieve this by deploying financial, planning, marketing and networking resources through initiatives under the Zubair Small Enterprise Centre, which will function as an incubator for small businesses to help them succeed and grow in a sustainable manner.”

“The Zubair Small Enterprise Centre will channel our efforts in this sector, and it will co-ordinate the various Zubair Group initiatives, which will be announced from time to time. The centre will also administer the 'Tasees' programme which is being launched in partnership with Injaz Oman, the organisation responsible for inspiring students to become entrepreneurial in their approach to facing challenges, and bringing business-based activities into schools in the sultanate. The Zubair Small Enterprise Centre has committed to supporting the winning business idea of the 'Sharikati' contest, organised annually by Injaz Oman for students in higher education.

“The Zubair Group places great emphasis on cooperation between all businesses. We all should join hands to develop the SME sector, to attain an even more progressive and prosperous national economy. By combining our resources and working together, we will be able to boost employment opportunities and open new doors for qualified young Omani manpower in the future,” Zubair added.

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