British Water trade panel discusses 2 new projects

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British Water, the trade association for the UK water industry supply chain, discussed various new projects pertaining to the sector, on its recent visit to the sultanate.

The visit enabled British companies to showcase technologies and services that can help enhance efficiency, reduce operational cost and ensure the long-term success of Omani water, waste-water and desalination projects.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Lila Thompson, international director for British Water, said that the visit was directed towards building a long-term relation with companies in Oman on desalination projects.

“On our two-day visit, we had meetings with companies like Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Atkins, Haya Water and organisations like Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW). Discussions on the development of desalination projects are being planned. The British companies will offer a range of products from consultancy services for infrastructure, environment and buildings to engineering solutions and utility management strategies in water and waste-water treatment.”

Two new projects, a rheology laboratory and a centre of excellence for water and environment, were discussed during the visit.

“We are looking to set up a centre of excellence for water and environment, where we will focus on water related to agriculture and mining. Talks are on with the Research Council regarding the project. We are also looking forward to setting up a rheology laboratory where study of Newtonian fluids can be conducted. Young Omanis will be trained in the techniques and testing of waste-water treatment procedures,” said Dr Yolande Herbath, commercial director for BHR Group.

British Water is a corporate association and has a wide and varied membership covering all sectors of the water industry, from consultants, legal and financial partnerships, manufacturers of equipment and multi-disciplinary contractors to SMEs and independent consultants.

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